I would like to have a penpal?

I would like to have a penpal?

I owuld love to have a penpal from anywhere really, intnational would be cool but not necessary 

I’m a girl, 15, and I live in the U.S. (michigan) 

I am looking for a penpal who will email (for now, maybe packages and w/e later) and IM 

I would prefer someone with similar interested 

I love dance, shopping, talking 

I’m blonde and a little bit of a ditz but the smart kind 

my email is kkarlene13[@]gmail.com 

I know this could be potentialy unsafe but its just email and I’m not stupid I dont give my adress or phone number to strangers so please dont tell me its unsafe 

if anyone has any links to websites that will connect you with penpals for free that would be cool too.

sure! I luv 2 watch dancing, I LOVE SHOPPING, and of course am a talker!! people tell me im a ditz too, even though I get straight a’s lol. so email me at… 


ps. this isnt my real name i just put random names together lol
That’s really funny because yesterday I was searching the internet for a penpal. Im 13 so I don’t know if you would still want to be pen pals. But tell me what u think and read my profile for my interests. You can get my email on my profile too.

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