Australia pen pals with photo

penpals from australia
penpals from australia

Hey dear friend , we have many registered penpals in citymity penpals social network who lives in Australia and like to have new penpal friends from other countries . So if you are looking for Australian male or female pen pals you should take a look at list below or search in website penpal list to find the friends as you like πŸ™‚

Here is list of some penpals from Australi:

Hello, my name is Victoria, I am 18 years old, from Australia. I study Japanese and it is my favourite subject! I’d like to improve and learn more Japanese and also start learning Korean! I love K-Pop! SHINee are my favourites! Hope we can be friends πŸ™‚ ・I have Kakaotalk ・I’d really like a friend to speak JapaneseΒ 

I LOVE kpop and kdramas and everything Korean :3 not to mention many sports and games. I especially like Krystal Jung(μ •μˆ˜μ •) from f(x). I also love anime, not to mention all sorts of Japanese food and kawaii stuff. Will you be my penpal and teach me Korean or Japanese. I’ll teach you English or Chinese if you want πŸ˜› Feel free to add me on Facebook, Kakao, Skype, etc. I am australian .

Hi! I love to meet new people and having pen pals πŸ™‚ i live in australia . my interests are reading, photography, nature, travel, tattoos, movies and music. I dont mind what age you are or gender, but would love a pen pal from Korea, Japan, Thailand or Hawaii πŸ™‚ but people from all over are welcome! Talk soon! I have line Wechat And whatsApp Feel free to chat.

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  1. Let, Introduce myself, Name Salumu Nassoro Nyimkuu,Born on Dated 17.02.1962, From Tanzania,I have Interested to find Female friends from Canada, Australia,Age between 45 to 50

  2. I love your personality in you pliz allow me me to be your friend thanks if you my request under consideration

  3. Hey am here seeking to be pen pals,you can message on hopeforalluganda@gmail-com we shall talk more in loner emails.

  4. Hi there,
    My name is Joseph I like making friends in Australia , Switzerland and Canada. I would love to make friends all over the world. I love singing ,reading and cooking. I,m mainly interested in learning new things and to learn new cultures. Please feel free to write to me anyone.

  5. why does it seem like most of them are koreaboos? like why specifically korea, japan, and other asian countries ): like they’re all cool but i just want a high energy person who’s just fun to talk to

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