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What penpal means and Who is penpal ?! Penpal or pen pal is a person who usually lives in a different country , and makes friendship with you in various ways. In past penpals start making their friendships via exchangeing handwritten letters. But nowadays people are too lazy for this and just start their friendship by searching on internet that is faster and more interesting way ! ;) There are many websites to help you find your desiered penpal and one of them is our site ( You can join our pen pals in a very easy steps! just fill out four registeration fields and join our penpals ;) After joining you can share your travel photos , your lovely foods and All you wish. And you can chat with other pen pals as much as you like withought having a pen or pencil! :D

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There are many people all over the world who like to have a foreigner friend. You can find different people male or female in all range of age who are looking to have new penpal friends. It is easy to have penpals , just register in site and you will have access to all registered penpals in citymity penpals :) It is easy and free and you can have as many penpal friends as you like.

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hello everyone , i'm here for language and culture

misskivo , Morocco
24 years old

안녕하세요 !한국이 너무너무 좋아해요 !
한국어 공부 해요~

jmnn3 , Japan
16 years old

Hi. I really want to make some good friends throug

henrk24 , Korea
18 years old

bonjour a tout je m,Apelle ange apely je suis de n

angeapel , Côte d'Ivoire
39 years old


ahdrn333 , Korea
21 years old

hello! i like reading books, painting, watching mo

zvvvzol , Poland
20 years old

저는 한국말을 공부하고 있어요.
저는 지금 오사카에 살고 있습니다.日本で美容の仕

exile063 , Japan
27 years old

펜팔이 뭔지 궁금하고 외국인 친구랑 소통하고싶어 가입했습니다
봄에는 여행 여름

k000312 , Korea
25 years old

일본에 관심이 있어요 일본말 알려주세요~
저는 한국에대해서 알려드릴게요 11월

ssd2734 , Korea
23 years old

Hi ! I am friends call me Cj. I’m

cjp00 , United States
14 years old

한국사는 86년생 남자에요!
언어교환 하실분 메일 주세요
저는 일본어를 공부하고

kasikoi , Korea
30 years old

はじめましてみんな~(´• ω •`)~

lycheee , United States
20 years old

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