I need help writing a poem about penpals ?

I need help writing a poem about penpals …?

Okay so i need a medium sized poem all about pen pals. Someone please help.
What is a “medium-sized poem”? 

It used to be we would send letters 
To our friends, our fans, our betters. 

To lift us from innate despondence 
We’d try to start a correspondence. 

In those days there were guys and gals, 
And all of them could be penpals. 

Back and forth through the mail 
Went woe and happiness, in detail; 

It took a week before X could reveal 
His response to Y’s ordeal. 

From Orem, Utah, to Boston, Mass, 
The post office loved it: all sent first class. 

Times were slower, glacial even, 
Anne broke with Todd to go with Steven, 

Jerry sold Bob his card collection; 
Two girl PenPals shared deep affection, 

And this developed over months. 
Nothing happened all at once. 

Messages are different today. 
Put out a Q; back comes an A. 

My Facebook friend is a PenPal now. 
But has it really changed somehow 

When people write lol and <titter> 
And send brief blasts to pals by Twitter? 

If the PO yearns for days of yore 
When it was not a dinosaur, 

Still people hope, love and cathect, 
It’s a different way that they connect; 

We’re all PenPals, our messages hurled 
For viewing by anyone in our world, 

And so I add here at the end 
That I would like to be your friend.

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