Japanese pen pals ?

Japanese penpals  ??

dose anybody know where i can find japanese penpals
i want to find japanese penpal who live in japan and they have to be recent aswell

Go to: 


There is a forum here for penpals (email or snail mail). You can either post that your are looking for a penpal or find someone who is already looking for a penpal. Good luck!


I frequent this website and I’ve had a couple of Japanese penpals from it.

Are you in school? If you are, you might try sending letters to schools in Japan at the same grade level as you asking for a penpal. Of course, in today’s age of the Internet, you most likely will want to do this electronically instead. 
Does your city have a “sister city” in Japan? Many American cities have such programs. Contact your city hall for information to see if there is a program where you live. You may be able to use that as a means to get a penpal. 
My wife has had a penpal in Australia for over 40 years. We’ve visited her and she came here last year. 
My high school had an exchange student from Japan; some classmates still write to her and we brought her here for our class reunion. 
Having penpals can be a great thing to do but both parties have to write on a regular basis for it to work. 
Good luck.

Don’t even bother. Most Japanese are not that good at English compared to Chinese or Koreans. Plus most Japanese don’t know how to make friends very well.

you can try the following URL , i believe you find one or ones 
of them to your satisfaction. 

My language http://www.mylanguageexchange.com/ 
Exchange partner http://www.alpha-travel.co.jp/asks2/multi2/multi2.cgi?file=3 
Polyglot http://www.polyglot-learn-language.com/ 
Language exchange http://www.jobsinjapan.com/classifieds/language.html 
japan-guide.com http://www.japan-guide.com/penfriend/index_e.php

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