Christian Penpals :: Make Email Friends @ Christian Penpals .com!

Christian Penpals :: Make Email Friends @ Christian Penpals .com!

Christian Pen Pals .com is one member of a growing network of Christian web sites which we call the ‘Christian Web‘, with ChristianWeb .com (currently under construction) being the main ‘portal’ to all the sites in our network as well as other fine Christian web sites that we may link in the future. Currently the ‘Christian Web’ includes Christian CHAT .com and Christian and this site, Christian Pen Pals .com (these alone keep us quite busy!), but in the future if time permits (and if funding permits), we hope to release the official Christian Web .com site and other useful Christian web sites.


How we are funded

We are not a big organization in a big building. We are a simple Christian family, united with several volunteers in a few different countries. We operate on faith and an extremely tight budget. We collect no funds at all for screening and posting the thousands of pen pal ads (and hundreds of photos) that you see on this site, nor do we charge anything for providing email support for all these users.

We do get a lot of help from friends who serve as Christian Web staff (screening new pen pal ads, providing email support, monitoring the chat rooms, etc.) and who act as treasurers in their respective countries (to receive membership fees sent through our Pay by Mail Honor System).

We have a membership system which helps protect our site from abusive use by restricting access to certain features to members only. The membership system also provides needed funding to support the literally thousands upon thousands of hours of labor behind these sites as well as hardware, software, and server hosting expenses.

Membership fees are set at the bare minimum necessary to ensure our continued operation. Current membership rates are $2/mth for access to all our sites (but must pay for one year at a time — i.e. $24). We feel that being member-supported is no less honorable than being sponsor-supported (we would argue that it is actually more honorable), and we think that believers should be glad to give a couple dollars per month to support a service from which they derive so many hours of benefit from every week (if not every day). We do however have a poverty affidavitoption for those who would like full access to all our features but honestly cannot spare even $24.

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    • Hi Joseph
      Just responding to your ad on citymity. Living in the UK, female and also seeking Christians to fellowship with.

  1. Looking for christian friends.To encourage each other in the word and stay strong as believers. And infuture can turn out to be good

  2. Hie iam Peter 35 from Africa,iam a bornagain christains,I would to correspond with any disregardles of age,just to encourage in our christain faith

  3. Hi, my name is David from Uganda Africa. I am a pastor at Good Heart Christian Ministries. I read through your ad and got interested to contact you. I am married and do some charity work to help the community in various ways. If you would like to work along with me in this kind of ministry, you’re warmly welcome to join me.
    My email address is

  4. My name is Micheal Goriola a president and founder of prophetic apostolic ministry international l am married l love to meet Christan brother and sister that we will be charing the word of God and our experience together

  5. Greetings from Kenya!

    My name is Harambee, a mother to a ten-year-old girl.

    I am seeking CHRISTIAN pen pals of ages 9-12 for my daughter. She is shy and an introvert – something that I am not comfortable with. I would like her to interact with the outside world and build her confidence, improve her English reading and writing skills, and have fun. I believe that writing is therapeutic and fulfilling and that’s why I’m seeking this friendship so that my daughter can experience this nice feeling.

    Communication can be done twice or thrice a week via e-mail and God-willing, a snail-mail after every two months.

    If interested, please drop me an email and I’ll hook up your child, friend with my daughter.

    ***Please note that I would like to have her interact with friends from all over the world, but please, at the moment, let her just interact with ENGLISH NATIVE friends.

    Thanking you in advance, I look forward to hearing from you.


  6. DEAR Sir,
    Praise the Lord ! I trust your pen pal ministry is a blessing that can help me to get good christian pals,God bless you.Hoping to hear from you soon,thanks,

  7. Hello everybody am andrew 33years simple young man by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ i am saved am ayoung man before i got saved i was someone corrupted and full of wickedness i used to be in many falsely things forexample used to musturbate,fornication,stealing etc,but good enough God meet me and now am free,i was aslave to sin now am free from being aslave john 8:35-38,the son made me free and now am servant of my lord jesus christ,and i have aministry!the ministry is ”(COVENANT MINISTRY INTERNATIONAL JINJA MAFUBIRA Uganda)”and my pastor is paul kisige,and me am youth leader so my zeal is to teach the youth and equip them in way of the lord many youth have been taken by the devil into satanic things like i was,some are in politics,weedsmocking,Alcohol drinking so there i am hope to meet people who have the zeal my zeal is to take the gospel everywhere in my country may God bless u

  8. I am Luhasha , Christian a Teacher in government primary school. I beg all christians to share knowledge through Bible.
    By Teacher Luhasha from Tanzania East Africa

  9. hello brothers in christ, any one who can become a friend of mine in faith and can aswell support me in my faith in any way is highly appreciated. for more we can connect on “”

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