Penpals phone numbers

penpals with mobile number
penpals with mobile number

Did you know you can find new penpal friends by their phone numbers ? 🙂

Yes thats completely true ! there are some websites offer you to add your mobile number and they allow you to find pen pals by contacting them through their mobile numbers.

Its not important where you are from or where you live , the most important thing is nobody choose you as friend because of your country , skin color and so on! you will join Penpals groups in whatsapp or telegram and start talking to other people . if they get interested to your personality they will contact you by your mobile phone number.

The most important thing in contacting stranger penpals by mobile number is privacy! you must be very careful when you share your mobile number . They are many frauds and … happens when bad guys have your mobile number!

So if you are completely sure about sharing your mobile number online you can do it to find new penpal friends by mobile number 🙂

Please write about your experiences in sharing your mobile number and contacting your pen pal friends through social media like whatsapp that works with mobile number 🙂

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