We have a son in prison that needs a penpal to write to. How do i get his bios to a free site?

We have a son in prison that needs a penpal to write to. How do i get his bios to a free site? please help me?

We don’t know where or how to go about getting his bios and photo on a site where a female could see it and be willing to converse with him consistently. We have went thru the search aspect and only saw pen pals reaching out from behind the wall like our son. We are looking for a free site for this. If there is a site where women outside the wall with no criminal history are searching for pen pals within the walls of a prison we would like to know of such a site so we can find a sound pen pal for him.
I don’t know of a free site. Most of the romance/dating stuff on the internet has a charge. My husband has been in federal prison for 26+ years, and his correspondence is largely from old friends and their families who have respected his ability to live in an 8 X 10 room without going crazy all these years. 

He also has a web site, but most internet visitors tend to sign the guest books and not write snail mail. His web site is for information about his situation, not a dating service. I also have to wonder about women who go specifically to inmate web sites looking for romance. These women are looking for danger, not to befriend someone. My husband gets mail from these kooks all the time. If you’re looking for a sincere person with no major weirdness, I’d stay away from any young lady actively seeking a convict penpal via the web. Those have tended to watch too many episodes of “Prison Break” or Jean-Claude movies, and are not stable. 

For a “regular” person, It takes a lot of guts to write prisoners and remain loyal to that person IF that person is worth writing. Inmates have a reputation for taking advantage of women, and some earn it. Those without families have no other way to get commissary and phone money, and its a miserable existence without money. But I’ve known guys in there that really appreciated a letter, an acknowledgment that they were not forgotten, and never betrayed that trust by asking the woman for money or favors. 

If you are looking for someone with some stability (a female these days? good luck, ha ha !!!), the only place I can think of is church. As his parents, you could ask via a minister if a select group could send him correspondence for Christmas, like the military does. If he hits it off with one, then they could continue. But this is something you must clear with someone else. As I’m sure you’ve already discovered, people despise prisoners, until it happens to someone in their own family. If you do this in an honorable, above-board manner, no one will doubt your intentions, and it will also help your son. 

Good luck to you, and best wishes for your son.
If he has the need to write, let him write an apology to the person he victimized. No woman of any character would correspond with a person who is in jail, one has to have pretty low self esteem even to consider it.
The problem you are having is the “Free” aspect.. It’s rare to find anything really worth the time that is totally free… Google it without “Free” and see if u don’t find something that’s cheep enough to be worth it… I have seen sites that do the same for woman, so I knjow they are out there. Good luck.
why don’t you just go to plenty of fish and make a singles profile for him with a nice photo and a desciption of what you are looking for and why. maybe you will find a few people there.
There is so much love, sincerity and concern in ur question that I pray God u get respectful replies and get some good honest and kind pen pals for ur son. 

Did u tried match.com? only for friends it might work…but u didnt mention if this will be trough email or traditional mail…
You can post his information for free, lots of people have had really good results…read through some of the other posts to see what kind of information to provide. 
Good luck~! 

And to those who are considering becoming a pen pal- What a lovely thing to do..you’ll make someone’s day by writing! Be careful though, get a Post Office Box so you don’t have to give out your home address to total strangers and don’t give out personal information too soon…basically the same rules you follow on the internet to keep safe. And remember that just like on-line, people might not be up-front about who they really are… if it feels like someone is lying or being pushy about a “relationship” drop them. 
When you first start writing, don’t use any glitter or stickers because many facilities do not allow them.If you’re under 18, you might not be allowed to write, some places only let minors write if they are family members(if that’s the case writing to an inmate could get HIM in trouble, so don’t do it) 
I hope you make a few good friends!

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