My daughter want a penpal from japan can and we have tried everything. Please Help!?

My daughter want a penpal from japan can and we have tried everything. Please Help!?

Yes a penpal from Japan she has interests down there and she is looking for a girl 11-12 years old. We live in the U.S. and right now ive tried everything i could but none from England or anywhere else just Japan,Tokyo,or Hong Kong. Her main interests are Drawing,Reading,Anime,Manga,Naruto, and all those other Japanese anime shows.
thank you soo much i think that can help!
Well, I’ve done a very simple search through a search engine about websites that could help find your daughter some Japanese penpals. I’ll try and divide the ones that may be only internet-based penpals and the ones that are more directed towards snail-mail (they are links to their websites, so you can check them out yourself and scratch off the ones you don’t think would be in your or your daughter’s interest): 

Foreign Correspondent 
— Foreign correspondent is a bilingual pen pal magazine published in Japan. The readers are Japanese who want to correspond with people from all over the world. 

Japan Pen Pal Association 
— Japanese school kids who are longing to make friends with young people from overseas. They are all so anxious to learn about your country. 

Japan Penfriend… 
— Japan Penfriend is an e-mail pen pal forum that specializes in contacts between Japanese and Non-Japanese. 

— Japan-talk is a free online penpal community for Japanese and English speakers to meet. You can post and reply to ads for penpals, language exchange partners and more. All free. 

Language Exchange 
— This is an E-mail pen pal forum that specializes in contacts between native Japanese and English speakers who wish to engage in both language and cultural exchanges. 

World Community Board 
— This site brings you and Japanese people together. Many Japanese people are looking for English speaking friends. Find your Japanese pen pals through the board for free. (I don’t know much (none at all) about this website) 

I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for or if you’ve already tried those places. Either way, good luck with your search 🙂

Search engines galore 🙂
For the best answers, search on this site

Man she needs a major attitude adjustment. Well where do I start? Alright first of all let me tell you this, I am not a parent. I’m only 15 but if she were my kid she would be sooooo grounded it’s not even funny. You say she refuses to eat because you won’t give her texting back on her phone? Then make her sit at the dinner table with dinner in front of her until she eats it. If she sits there all night to bad for her! Stand your ground with her cell phone. If I were you I’d take it all together. As for the school work make her do it. Every day when she gets home make her sit and do it while you are watching her. Check it when she’s done and make her correct the ones she has done wrong. Make her realize you will NOT cave in. Onto the clothes thing heres what I would do. It’s harsh but she needs harsh. Take all the clothes she has. Comply to what she wants buy her new clothes but let it be stuff you want her wearing. Make it stuff you would like to see her in. Not stuff she wants. Don’t give her the chance to ruin the clothes. If you have to take her door of the hinges so you know what she is doing all the time then do it. She needs to realize who’s in control. If she likes art so much then take that from her. The only way she’s gonna get it is if you take the things that mean the most to her. When I was her age I did much of what she is doing. My mom and step dad literally took everything but my bed, dresser, and desk out of my room. All my stuff was gone. I had to earn it back little by little. Then when I was still stubborn my mom locked me out of my room, so I couldn’t go in there and do things I wasn’t suppose to. It sounds harsh but boy am I thankful they did. I am like night and day now. Your daughter just needs to realize you rule not her. Once she gets that down all will go well. Sometimes my parents would stand and repeat the same thing over and over again until I did it. Like f my mom wanted me to do my homework evertime I would object she would repeat the same thing, ” do your homework” . Until I went and did it. That really works. It gets very irritating. I am so thankful that my parents were able to pull me back in. You just need to have a little faith. Shell come around. My parents pulled me back in and I’m sure you can pull your daughter back in. You can do it! Stand your ground and DO NOT give in. Although thats just my opinion. I know it sounds harsh but I don’t want to see another teen girl go down the wrong path. I’ve been in her shoes. It stinks. Maybe if you start writing her notes to remind her you’re there to talk when she needs you. That will be a subtle reminder that you’re there if needed. Thats another thing my mom did. It really helped. You can reel her back in! It’s not to late! 🙂 hope I have been of help. I’ll be praying for you.

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