How to Find Pen Pals

how to find pen pals
how to find pen pals

Recently, a user asked us:

I have a question about your pen pals. How did you find them? Are they people that you know in your life (i.e. friends or family)? I was looking to make some pen pals and wasn’t sure how to start and find it. I have several friends and family that I write to currently , but I was looking to meet and write to new people really far from my country.

So , I decided to share my response in a short post to guide you how to start having penpal friends :

It is a summary of what you can do to find pen pals:

Some of my pen pals are family members and close friends. However, I’ve met most of my letter writing friends through my blog and Instagram and penpals websites.

Below are a few simple tips to find pen pals:

  1. Blog about your interest in letter writing , snail mail , language exchange or the different type of friendships you need.
  2. Ask blog readers, Facebook friends, or your Instagram buddies if they would like to exchange letters with you.
  3. Sign up for a service like Postcrossing.
  4. Social media sites — like Instagram and Pinterest — are perfect tools to meet like minded people , you can search keywords such as “penpal” or “pen pals” to see related pen pal request posts and follow people to ask them your request.
  5. The best way of finding new pen pals is through pen pal websites we have gathered for you in this post , you can compare them and after making profile , you will easily have many pen pal friends. Visit these articles for more help:

What would you add to the list? Share your experiences and tips in the comments section.

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