WhatsApp groups for penpals

whatsapp penpal group
whatsapp penpal group

You may ask your self what is easiest way to find new penpals ?

If i want to answer one of the easiest ways is through the social networks such as whatsapp , telegram , twitter and instagram. In these groups there are girls , boys , men , women with different languages and nationalities 🙂

The most impornat you will get by joining whatsapp groups is you will have your penpals mobile number and you will get in touch with them very easily and enjoy your friendship ! 🙂

So you can find female penpal from russia or male penpal around your age from america ! Thats really interesting ,isnt?! 😉

For example if you use whats app messenger you can search for groups that are created for seeking penpal friends.

These whatsapp groups are contain members from the different countries . After joining these groups you will be able to talk to all the foreigners and tell them about your culture better. Apart from this, you can also ask them questions regarding the common stereotypes going around there for Asian population living there.

How to Join WhatsApp Groups By Using WhatsApp Invite Link

Back in the days people would have to be contacted with the admin in private chats to get them in the groups. But those times are long gone now ever since WhatsApp Group Links got introduced by the messenger. Clicking the link and tapping the join button is all one needs to do in order to join a penpals WhatsApp Group. This works on PC too (If you use The WhatsApp Web).

  1. Search for the desired topics by looking over headings
  2. Click on group links button to check the groups out
  3. Repeat the process several times
  4. Join your desired group

All the links here, as mentioned already, are collected through an extensive and repetitive web search. All you need to do is to tap the buttons in order to get to the joining page of the respective groups. With a growing user base, WhatsApp tries to keep up with the demands by introducing such features. After the announcement of group links, people had a very mixed reaction. But the change sorta grew up on them as the time passed. Now, most of the group additions are done through WhatsApp Group Links Only.

There are Rules Should Be Followed Before Joining Penpals WhatsApp Group

There are always some rules in these whatsapp groups that should be followed by gtoup members. you must accept these rules to not be banned by group admins.

Follow below mentioned rules with full Cooperation to make every Penpals Whatsapp Group Neat and Clean. Here Neat and Clean Refer To The Spam Free Groups. Here are some example rules you will see in the whats app groups :

  • Don’t Send Jokes in Serious Group Like Hacking etc as there are Different Group for Joke’s and Fun
  • Don’t Use Abusive Language in the Group while Communicating , specially penpal groups with younger members
  • Group Admin Has Right To Remove any Member From the Group
  • Sharing True Balance, Champcash and we One App Refer and Earn Should Be Strictly Restricted
  • No Arguing and Stalking Of any Group Member
  • Job Posting are not Allowed at all
  • No Group Member Has The Right To Change Group Icon and Name Without Taking Permission From Admin

WhatsApp Group links is one of the most trending topics in the US , Europe and India. All because of its humongous user base and never-ending line of features. It provides a very simple way to bring new people to your beloved groups. We thing that is a very compelling reason to justify WhatsApp Group Link’s popularity. If you own a penpal group , you can submit your penpal WhatsApp Group links in the comments bellow in order to get them listed here.

An example of whats app penpals group link:



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  1. My name is gogee awudu l am Ghanaian living in west African Ghana l am 48years of age l am looking for penpal friendship writing each other or exchange of culture we can write on email to my hobbies football movie and music l love both females and male

  2. I am john a Nigerian man retired teacher I will like to have female penpals all over the world especially Malta Jamaica and Finland my hobbies are watching movies listening to music news and exchange of post card l will give my snail mail address when requested all letters will be replied to.

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