How can i get magazine penpals ?

How can i get magazine penpals?

magazine penpals

the simpelst way to find new Pen Pals is to go to Pen Pals Websites like “The Penpals Network”. 

To write me, You will get a penpal Okay. write to :
u can log on to or By the way I am also looking for pen pals. If u r interested….. I am a boy of 16. This is my id . I am an asian.
u can go to penpalnet..theres lot down ther that u can find….i can also be ur penpal if u dont mind
do a pen pal search on the internet.
it depends on how u want to be in contact with them 
earlier people used post and mails to be in contact but these days 
email and net chatting are in trend 
wanna be my penpal 
Dayum, are those still around? I thought those left with “sock-it-to-me”.

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