In relation to penpals / swappers, what does FBs mean?

In relation to penpals / swappers, what does FBs mean?

I was browsing penpal sites today and then I learned about “swapping”, which I guess is like penpals who send each other stuff. But a lot of them mention FBs and I don’t know what that is. Here are a couple ads to put it in context: 

“I am looking for a few honest FB swappers around the world. I only swap high quality booklet FBs and am looking to swap 20-30 at a time, on a regular basis (once a month). Worldwide.” 

“Hi people! I’m willing to take any amount of excess FBs, Decos, Slams, Bags, FSheets etc off your hands. I also don’t mind getting your new FBs, Decos etc started by sending them to my many pals.” 

What is this world that I’ve stumbled upon? I want to know what they’re talking about! It sounds interesting.

FB I believe are friend booklets? You share things about yourself, then pass it on. Be careful with swapper sites. You’ll find a lot of crazies, and rude, stuck up people. I don’t do the whole swap thing anymore because people are exceptionally rude when they don’t like what you’ve sent them. It can be fun, though. 🙂
Friendship book, often called FB for short is a little booklet made out of a few paper sheets with a decorated cover stapled together. Fbs are passed from one penpal to another via airmail from all over the world. The receiver signs the Fb by placing their own address label with their name, address and a little information about them using abbreviations. When the FB is full the last signer will then return the FB back to the person it was made for. 

You can find sample of printable FBs at

Abbreviations :

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