My penpal stopped talking to me and i don’t know why?

My penpal stopped talking to me and i don’t know why?

I have a penpal in Northern Finland, and we’ve been corresponding for nearly three years. We used to write via letters, but recently we were sending emails to each other. We also used to send little gifts and birthday cards etc to each other, and the relationship was pretty good, at least, I thought so. 
However, I last received an email from her in April and I replied to her a week later, and I haven’t heard back from her. It’s now early August. 
The weird thing is, she always told me that she would never make a Facebook account. yet, I searched her name on fb just in case, and I found her on there! I sent a message asking if it was indeed her, and got no reply. However, she accepted my friend request. her profile doesn’t seem to be very active. 

I noticed in her last email, she had her email name as “……………..” instead of her actual name, and she was saying that she felt like she didn’t have many friends. Plus, she deleted her Tumblr account. 

I don’t think I offended her, but honestly, I’m wondering now. Any idea for why she isn’t answering my emails or messages? 

Over the past few months since April I’ve sent about three or four emails to her, plus the Facebook message and friend request. I don’t want to seem like I’m nagging her or being a pain, but I really miss talking to her! 🙁 What do you think I should do? I thought we were good friends, and I’d hate to lose contact.

We met on a penpal site, called PenPal Party, and we corresponded by both email and snail mail.
Same thing happened to me with a friend in UK. People move on. People are rude. People die. Not to be insensitive but maybe she died and her relative doesn’t speak English? Maybe she tired of being a penpal. You say penpal but then you say email. Anyway she sounds like a liar too. Maybe she’s mad that you found her FB and she lost face and that’s why she cut it off. As a side note, really curious as to how you met her? Might give a clue right there as to the kind of person she is. 

There’s really no way for any of us to know so these are just speculations for you to consider. My UK friend and I had the best friendship ever and one day she changed. She just did, It was like not the same person. We didn’t talk for 9 months & I recently just sent her a bunch of gifts of stuff she loves and she didn’t bother to say so much as thanks. Oh well. I guess it was never much of a friendship after all. Time to move on and make new friends. Hope you find someone better. All the best to you!

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