letter exhchange penpals

letter exhchange penpals ?

I have been searching everywhere for penpals!! (im 12 years old) 
and i have found some, but they are just internet penpals, not like letter ones, and i want to find some because my mom told me it is awesome to talk 2 someone by letter, and i have never received a letter or anything, and i think it is really col!! 
please help me?? 
Update: sorry! help me telling me where could i find real letter penpals?? 
Update 2: yeah! sorry! I’m 13 it wuz a typo!! but I dont think the age even matters on this question, but oh well! thanks nikki!
U know on the other Qustion your cousin plays with barbies u said u were 13. And now u say u need a penpal and your 12. It would be one thing if you grow older but i never heard of GROWING YOUNGER. maybe you just had a type o but right i think no one should send u letters If u cant even get ur age straight. : (
just google it ^^, or ask your internet people if you can send a letter to them, if you can, send one. Most likely they will reply with a letter.
What do you mean? Help you how?

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