New York Penpal ?

New York Penpal ? ?

Hi I am after a penpal from New York as we are studying the city at school. I really do not want to meet anyone over the internet as I have heard of some bad incidents from other people. But I was wondering if anyone alse could suggest any ideas of how to get in contact with someone?? I am a 14 year old girl and I live in New Zealand. Maybe through a school or something i’m not sure any ideas???Does anyone living in New York know a good school I could ask???

Does your school have a program? I had penpals that I got through my teachers. They and the organization that helped match us up assured that the names given us were all students like we were. 

There used to be ads in the backs of magazines that offered pen pals, though those may have been just as risky as internet can be. 

If you use common sense, you should be okay on the internet. Make sure you aren’t giving out anything too personal, like home phone numbers or real addresses. Have your parents check the information on anyone you might try to communicate with. But don’t do it if you’re really wary. 

Good luck. Maybe you’ll forge one of thsoe lifetime relationships that turns into travel and such.

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