I want a Japanese/Korean friend. Pen Pal Anyone Help?

I want a Japanese/Korean friend. Pen Pal Anyone Help?

Hi you guys. 

I would like some friends from around the world because I think it’s pretty cool but my question is…… I would like a pen pal so does anyone know anywhere that I can sign up for to send letters and have a pen pal?????? 

The internet is obvious but yall know what I’m talking about (the old school way *pencil and paper*) lol. So if anyone knows, that would be a great help because there aren’t many organizations or something that really has pen pals anymore it’s just on the net now. 

I would like to have foreign friends that are around my age which is like teenage status so if anyone can help me thank you! 😀 

Thank You ♥ 🙂

 How about join a penpal website? 
If you want to make snail mail penpals, just leave a like like this 
“I want snail mail penpals!” 
Here are my favorites. 


Lost of Korean and Japanese. 

If you want see more Korean and Japanese, 
just use these urls : 

These are Korean and Japanese language pages of http://www.hipenpal.com 
You can see more Korean and Japanese penpals. 

These websites are all free. 
Hope I helped 🙂

I’m sure you’ll find many [2nd language] speakers of Japanese and Korean here, but since this is the Yahoo! Answers for the U.S., you’ll probably have more luck going to Yahoo! Answers for Japan and South Korea for native speakers. 

Or try one of those websites that connect you with a pen pal. However, like you said, not many organizations do that anymore, so you’ll probably have trouble finding a pen pal that fits your requirements of age and such. 

Good luck.

No you may not have a Jap/Ko pan pal unless you are a ninja. The only time they send you a letter is when they decide to kill you. The very same pen/pencil they use to write you the letter will later be stuck in your head. Beware, they are cold cold killers without any feelings.

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