Why my penpal is avoiding me?

why my penpals is avoiding me
why my penpals is avoiding me

Why my penpal is avoiding me?

So we were penpals for five years and we’ve shared a lot through email when I used to live in another country. Now, Im back and I wanted to meet my penpal.
It was hard because I have to go to school and stuff.
So, I managed to go to her city finally and guess what. She didn’t answer my email
and we didn’t meet!
She still wants me to remain her penpal and write to her.
I will but this has hurt me.
Why did she avoid me?

This is a one of too many messages that we receive from our pen pals , and they tell us stories about problems with their penpal friends and how they avoid continue messaging or contacting them.

Well actually it may have too many answers by your situation ( like: gender  , age , country and … ) that why these happens !

Every person has his/her personal life and needs to take care of every part of it. Some people like to change their friends because the way of their life changes or they don’t have enough time to continue this type of friendship.

Or maybe it is a part  in your penpal life that she is really busy and wants to have more focus on her works.

Some penpals after some years may get married or have new boyfriend or girlfriend and having penpals with different gender may affect their new life , so its normal for them to make some changes to keep it .

School penpals have so many time to be with different people , when they grow up and go to college they become busier and when they start working , it is even very harder to find extra times to keep their contacts to all of their pen pals , like what they had in past !  They may leave some or all of penpals or send less messages to them by longer periods of time.

By the way it’s life , you will get sad of loosing your old pen pals , but we should respect their life and wish too , and we can’t force any person to keep his friendship with us! so if you are sad why your penpal friend avoids meeting and talking to you , respect him/her and look for new pen pals 🙂 There are many of people in this world to talk to you and like to make friendship with you 🙂

Its good to hear from you if you had such penpals that avoid you and stopped talking to you , please tell us your stories in comments . Good luck my friends 🙂

Some of user answers to this question of our penpal friend:

maybe she was just busy that day. if u 2 have been talkin for 5 years then she wouldnt want to stop talkin to u altogether. u should let her contact u first. hope this helps
Maybe shes busy and doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. No offence but Penpals dont always work, so hang out with your other friends and maybe your ”pen pal” will come back to you.
Well, it is called a penpal. Maybe, she is just old fashioned and just wants to write to you. Possibly, she may not want the face to face relationship. I am not really sure, but it could be a possiblity.

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