Where can I find a new penpal ?

Where can I find a new penpal ?

And I mean an actual pen pal not just a person to meet online and chat with. I actually want to write letters to someone across the ocean or something. So please let me know where I can find something of the sort. 
Also while I’m at it, I want to ask where can I, as a home schooled teen, participate in journalism? That’s all. Thank you :). 
Here are my favorites. 
These are all free websites for pen-pal. 
Not for chatting. 

http://www.hipenpal.com : 
If you don’t want to leave your address on public space, 
you can use this website. 
Make a free account first, and leave a penpal ad like this : 
‘I want snamil mail penpals’ 
And when you receive a message from other user, 
you can exchage your address with the user safely. 

If you don’t like making account, you can use this one. 
But you should leave your address on public space. 

If you want to know more panpal websites, 
check this website : http://www.easypenpals.net/ 

Hope I helped 🙂
Type “penpals” into your search engine. I searched for a pen pal for a while, but finally gave up. 

You might look at Helium.com and see if that is the type of journalism you are looking for. and look www.citymity.com for online penpals .

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