Does anyone know how to get a penpal?

Does anyone know how to get a penpal?

I want to get a penpal but i don’t know where i can get one or if any of these websites that get you started are reliable. So if anyone knows how to get started with penpals let me know please. 🙂

sure use citymity social network to find new online penpal friends:

 YA is an option …better than those pages -.- in my opinion 
Say…you want to have a French penpal 
You go to the French Yahoo Answers and post an announcement in the language section… (look at the bottom of that page) 
Either you publish one of your e-mail addresses, the best is you publish a fake one…not yours really. Or you allow other YA users to contact you via YA mail. Yep. Sometimes your announcement won’t be published so…you only type your question in the main bar. 
Regarding that question…you have to publish that first “Does anyone know how to get a penpal?” After 3-4min when it’s on the list…you can type in your additional details. Age, sex and so on… ( you have to be a bit quick though =P…so copy and paste) 
nahhh…it’s hard to explain… 
Just do it >.<

You can make your own profile so people can contact you via e-mail or you can search the database for people you might be interested in writing to. I have about 6 penpals from this site and they’re all very sweet and interesting to talk to. 

If you’ve got one, join a penpal group. 
I’ve gotten about 3 penpals from there [: 

All international, of course.

i myself am keen to find a penpal of sorts. i Suppose what one would have to do is exchange addresses with someone somehow and thenbegin the writing of letters 🙂

just write random people a letter and see who responds

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