Anyone looking for a penpal?

Anyone looking for a penpal?

I’m 13, (very mature for my age) and just looking for someone i can write with. Gender, age, doesn’t matter to be, I have some incredible life experiances that I’d love to share. Answer with your address, I promise to write! 

xoxo Kayleigh (not a scam) 😛

How about using penpal websites? 
Here are my favorites. 
These are all free.

If you want a penpal using snail mail, just leave a message like this on your penpal ad: “I want snail mail penpals” 

Hope I helped 🙂
I’m 14 
I speak fluent German and English 
I’m good at French 
I’m learning Italian and Spanish 
I love reading, writing, playing the piano and guitar, doing sports and drawing 

Do you mean email address? 

I hope we can be friends

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  1. I need a penpals between the ages of 50 to 60.
    Of course a matured lady even divorced . It’s a not an issue for me..

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