Anyone Want To Be Pen pals ?

Anyone Want To Be Pen pals ? (:?

I’m 13, And I Live In The United States. I Would Love To Be Pen pals With You! (: 
If So, Email Me! 
Ohhh , thats a good idea!! I’m 15 and live in the U.S. too :)) 
I’d love to be penpals but .. I’m a pretty boring person. You’re probably looking for a penpal form another country, right?? GOOD LUCK 😀 

To Georgia, the person who already answered this question: 
You’re sooo stupid. Like no offense but.. giving away your email isnt a big deal. -_- nobody’s gonna stalk you.
whoa, this is seriously unsafe! you never know who you’re talking to, am I really a girl from London or am I really some creepy old guy pretending to be?? I’d delete this question asap and ask you parents for a long lost relative/cousin or something to be penpals with, or maybe ask your friends for someone.
No I don’t 

If I wanted penpals, I’d be on some other site , like or something. 

This site is for questions and answers only, so please delete this stuff
you may not be who you say you are…I might not be for all you know. 
Either way, be careful what you wish for…

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