Has anyone ever had a penpal?

Has anyone ever had a penpal?

I’ve always kinda wanted one of those, just write letters to someone I’ve never met before and kinda get closer through letter writing… seems fascinating, what you could learn about people you’ve never seen before. I’m kind of scared though that some people may lie about who they are… so. 

Have you ever had one of those? Whats your stories?

Hey! Can you be my penpal!? 
And it doesn’t matter who i talk to, black white ginger bald alcoholic 😀 
Its interesting! 
This is probably the wrong category unless you want a lgbtq penpal. But I’ll answer anyway. 

I have had a few penpals. I met most of them in person though. But if you wanted to find somebody on the internet what I would do is set up an email just for that purpose. And get to know people over email first and after a while if you feel you can trust them, then start writing back and forth. Or, you could do it over email. I know people who do penpals like that (although I’ve always preferred letters). 


Sure I’ll be your penpal. Just email me.
Yes, in my days there was no e-mailing, it all had to be through the mail. It usually took 1 week to send and 1 week to receive an answer so we would write a couple of letter every 3 weeks or so. I started to write to a girl in Uruguay around 1985 and eventually she traveled to visit and in 1994 I traveled over there. Now we have computers so we still keep in touch. I had pen-pals in Japan, Finland, England, France, Spain, Scotland and California. It is fun, now more so with all the gadgets in a regular lap-top. In fact, I would like to pen-pal with a lady in prison, and though I have tried, I have not succeeded yet to find a prison that allows it.

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