Balloon penpals?

Balloon penpals?

My son likes to watch a show called Charlie and Lola, it’s for younger kids. One of the activities on the show is sending off a balloon with name and address on it, with the hope of becoming pen pals with the person who gets your balloon. I wondered if anyone has had experiences with this kind of thing, or any similar suggestions? Thanks!

y daughter adores that show. 

I never did the penpal thing, but when she was younger (2-3, she is 5 now) her father was in Okinawa Japan, and she missed him terribly. My parents would spend a lot of time with us, take us to fairs, and fun stuff, where she would always get free balloons. 
To make her feel better, we would write a message on it, give it kisses and send it off in the air to her daddy in japan. 
I would always tell him ahead of time when he called so he could tell her the next day he got the balloon. 

Now that my parents have moved away, we send the balloons to them.

I did that when I was younger – there used to be a pen pal program through a TV show called “The Big Blue Marble” (the plant Earth, as viewed from space). I dont think the show is even on anymore. 

I would suggest that you get a pen pal through an organization like the Boys and Girls Club or something similar. I’m in Southern California and all the environmentalist wackos around here would have a seizure if I intentionally released a balloon into the air. Sigh….


I did that when I was younger, only we did it from my church and used that address and only first names for safety. I got a letter back from Ohio, I was living in Illinois at the time. It went really far!! 

you might want tot use a PO box instead of giving out an actual address, or maybe use an email address as a contact.

We did one where we sent off balloons with our phone numbers to see where the balloon landed. I wouldn’t do the address thing because of the weridos out there, maybe the phone number one. 
Have fun!

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