Do you like writing letters to penpals?

Do you like writing letters to penpals?

yes! Are you looking for penpals? If so, you can email me. 

Also try this is a good website for finding penpals. 

Have a good day!

yea, i used to have one in middle school…. im not sure what happened. id love to find another penpal, but you just cant start sending letters to random adresses now can u

I had a couple of penpals when I was around 10. Learn about a life in a differant country. I don’t know how popular it is now days with the internet and all. I like recieving mail in the letter box, as much as e-mails.

Yes; I haven’t written one for many years now, but back in middle school and elementary school I used to love doing so. If you have a penpal from a different country, it’s fun to learn about their different culture and values. Even if they’re from nearby, it’s still enjoyable to sometimes take the time out to write (or type via e-mail) long letters, and even better to receive long letters in return.

yes…I would rather do the Epal thing then chat on line. I have a half dozen Epals and we write back and forth alot. Mostly jokes and stuff. I wouldn’t do it if I had to hand write each letter….gotta be Internet.


Yes I do. I used to have several pen pals when I was younger, but I haven’t had any in years.


Hell Yes! 
Its fun and interesting to get into the lives of other people from around the world!


Yes. I started penpal writing when I was 13. But after 4 years I stopped because my penpals stopped replying. Last year, I started this hobby again. Thanks to the internet I was able to get penpals for free whereas before we had to pay to get names or else if we are lucky we can find some names from the newspapers.

Depends. I have one person that I write long letters to, however I don’t write to this person a lot.


This is the 21st century. 
Everyone uses the computer and chat rooms. 
I was watching some nature show and even natives have computers in the dense jungles. 
Crazy but true.

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