Have you gotten a penpal from GL magazine? Or a penpal from anyother service?

Have you gotten a penpal from GL magazine? Or a penpal from anyother service?

If so, did it turn out okay for you? 
Did it turn out to be a good match? 
& it’s safe right? 

because i really want a penpal except i don’t know where i can find a a good & safe service. 

if you didn’t get one through GL magazine but you have gotten one from somewhere else that is safe & gives out good matches please let me know!



Hi sure

you can find new online pen pals for free on citymity penpals ! its easy , and you do that by sharing your travel photos!

look at this link





 I found my penpals from doing a search on Google & the best site turned out to be Penpal International(http://ppi.searchy.net/). The service is free & there are so many people to choose from. You just sign up & make a little profile & then you can look up other people’s profiles & view their interests to see if you would like writing to them. I wrote to a great penpal named Emily & we’re still really close today. Although,I would warn you that it may take a while to find the right penpal because sometimes you may not always “click” with the other person,if you know what I mean. 

I believe the site is pretty safe. I haven’t had any problems so far,but just to be on the safe side,I would reccommend that you limit the amount of personal information you give out at 1st(ex:give out your country &/or state,but never give out your address). 

I’ve heard of GL’s penpal service,but I decided not to try it because of the fee,so you may want to give PPI a chance 1st. 🙂



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