i want spanish new penpal friends
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Hey I'm currently studying mechanical engineering in Germany and I'm going to spend one semester in Spain at University Carlos III. I'd like to learn some spanish before i get there. If you just want to learn some german or turkish, you can text me.
i like to have some penpals from there and chat with my penpal friends.

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Hello i'm Lina and i'm 15 years old. 
I've been l

lsctay , Germany
15 years old

Hey guys :)
I'm from Germany and I'm searching fo

sinda , Germany
22 years old

I'm Kei from Germany.
Search for new friends,

insane01 , Germany
34 years old

Hey! My name's Alexis. I'm an 18 german-filipina w

tally_xo , Germany
19 years old

I'm Andi and I'm searching for korean and

andreas7 , Germany
24 years old

Annyeonghaseyo! Jeo-neun Noemi-imnida. Cheoeum boe

noemi74 , Germany
42 years old

Hi My name is Jason and I would like to meet peopl

jay274 , Germany
32 years old

Hello! I am Ally and I am from Germany. I am study

ally_yo , Germany
20 years old

Hello everyone :) 
I'm happy to meet you, I'm Fel

minameow , Germany
26 years old

I want to make some new friends or improve my lang

lisaii , Germany
15 years old

Hey I'm Alice and I'm really interested in other c

alice162 , Germany
18 years old

helloo~ im a friendly and very curious child who e

minza , Germany
15 years old