Esther In Germany
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New penpals advertises from Germany

My name is Anastasia, 21 year-old half Polish (don

miss1996 , Germany
22 years old

Hey there, I am 18 years old and from Germany
I am

lilalou , Germany
19 years old


lu634hal , Germany
28 years old

hey I'm Carola^^I'm from germany and I am a passio

loa176 , Germany
17 years old

Heii my name is Mary and I'm from germany
I love

xlafitv , Germany
13 years old

Hi my name is Lisa and I’m living in Germany. I’m

lisa_hnz , Germany
19 years old

My name is Isabell & I was born in Ger

honigtau , Germany
28 years old

Hello my name is Lisa. I am new here. I come from

lisbeth , Germany
26 years old

I want to make some new friends or improve my lang

lisaii , Germany
15 years old

안녕하세요~ 제 이름은 안젤리나입니다.
Hi~ I'm Angelina. I'm 17 y.

shadow7 , Germany
17 years old

Hello i am Juna and im 14 years old. I live in ger

kjuna05 , Germany
13 years old

my name is Alicia but you can call me Elly. I'm 18

ellyhell , Germany
19 years old