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My name is Mary Grace and I am a biology student at university. I like watching youtube, running, and eating cookies. I had a wonderful hamster named zeus! I used to play soccer when i was younger, and i love Bayern! I read some books, but i love fashion magazines more

I will be going to France in July, so hopefully I can make some online pen pal friends :)

Also, i had a profile before, but i forgot the password! what a shame i lost my old pen pals accounts ! :(

I also love memes .

i have some Requests
Je voudrais parler avec quelqu'un francais sur Skype quand j'ai les temps libres! J'ai etudié le francais depuis 5 ans, donc je ne suis pas une debutante lol
I need pen pals who are online most of the time ! i'm a talkative pen pal friend :D
please just dont be a wanna be asian 。◕ ‿ ◕

Favorite Music

J Cole, Nicki Minaj, The Strokes, Panic at the Disco, Rihanna, ZAYN, Zella Day, The Neighbourhood, Lana del Rey
Favorite Movies
Looper, Amadeaus, Life of Pi,
Favorite Quotes
"my anaconda dont"
"You ask me what im thinking about, I tell you that I'm thinking about, whatever you're thinking about."

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What type of exercise do you do?
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Nice to meet you
Nice picture gorgeous looking
Hello, My name is David from Kenya.I am happy to meet you.My E-mail is: davidmogere42@gmail.com
hi mary i have some question about new york . if you can help me-in addition i love nicki minaj very very much