a penpal friend from Rio De Janeiro
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About this photo

Hey you :D
Well I really want to meet new people, make new penpal friends. So just send me a message <3
I'm not that good to describe myself but I will try haha .
So I hate short conversations . I want to talk about atoms , death , aliens , travel, intelligence, the meaning of life , the distant galaxies , the lies you said, your failures , your favorite scents , your childhood , what keeps you awake at night , your insecurities and fears.

I like penpals with depth , which speaks to the excitement of a confused mind . I am a simple guy who just want to meet people who go beyond a Hello and have some new penpal friends .

Hobbies & Interests
I love Photograph <3
Watch movies
Read books
Play video games <3
Talk with people <3
Make penpal friends

Favorite Music
Photograph by Ed Sheeran
Favorite Movies
Mr. Nobody
What If?
The Fault in Our Stars
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Star Wars
Favorite TV Shows
How I Met Your Mother
The Walking Dead
Sons of Anarchy
Animes <3 - Ano Hana <333
Favorite Books
The Silver Linnings Playbook

Favorite Quotes
"Dont piss off the universe. The universe will slap you.' - How I Met Your Mother
- Add me as penpal friend

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