hi penpals , i am a penpal from poland saying hi to all dear penpals
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About this photo

Hi penpals !
Hmm.. I study biomedical engineering and I'm really fascinated with everything about health, medicine and new technologies (probably sometimes I talk about it too much).

I'm rather sociable and positive person who is here to practice language and meet new interesting peoples.
I see this website as a possibility for having discussions with penpals who very often have different points of views than I have.. and it's always a good way to learn from each other as penpal friends :)

I do not answer to most of these messages I get. I have exams, work and well.. life too! But I will always appreciate nice, creative message and the effort that penpals had put into writing something interesting. Always then I'm trying to give the same from myself. That's why I prefer receiving and writing long messages. (I'm also a bit talkative so it's hard for me to close all my thoughts in only a few sentences :/ )
I'm waiting for your long messages dear penpals .

my Interests
I can't sing, I can't play any instrument, also I'm quite average at sport (nevertheless I love sport a lot) so.. no fancy interests!
I'm good at cooking and eating, and I'm this kind of person who has to try every new pizzeria or restaurant in the city.
I love watching musicals in theatres, listening live jazz and soul in small cafes, and discovering the lovely and wild area outside my town.(Also running to some unknown places and wondering how will I come back home)

Musics i like
Arcade Fire
Florence and the Machine
Future Islands
Mazzy Star
Of Monster and Men
Aretha Franklin
Marvin Gaye
Billy Joel
Charles Bradley
Frank Sinatra
Rat Pack
Ludovico Einaudi
Ennio Morricone
Gustav Holst
Northern soul
Soundtracks from Tarantino movies and Games of Thrones
Favorite Movies
Singin' in the Rain
The Artist
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Musicals and old movies in particular <3

I'm also a big fan of all Tarantino movies, but I'm not going to type them all here since I wouldn't even know in what order.

mt Favorite TV Shows
How I met Your Mother
Desperate Housewives
American Horror Story
Miodowe Lata!
Favorite Books
Currently reading "Pet Sematary"

my Favorite Quotes
"Tyle wiemy

so very beautiful i like you really