polish penpal girl for chat online
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Hi from polish penpal ! :)
I'm a student of spanish philology in Kraków poland.
I don't care about religion, color of skin etc. I'm cheerful, loyal, ambitious and a bit stubborn polish girl . I don't like when somebody wants to convince me to something. I'm really open minded, but... But I don't want to talk with turkish guys here! you all (with few excepts) are perverts, idiots. And no, I won't delete what I've written. Don't try to convince me to do it or complain ;)

I'm here for making penpal friendships - NOT for penpal relationships.
I have a boyfriend, so don't even try to flirt with me :) :)
I just want to improve my English, Spanish, maybe Portuguese?
so if you like to chat with online polish penpal feel free to contact !

Considering my sign of a zodiac I am:
rational / loyal / ambitious / persistent / conservative / materialist / flegmatic / unpredictable when angry / egoistic / intelligent / mistrustful / dedicated / vindictive / dominative

I'm numerological 3

Of course, I make mistakes too, but I'm also a perfectionist sometimes and yes, I will be frustrated if you murder English.

- read my profile before sending a message
- message me if you want to have a conversation with polish penpal girl
- be nice and respectful penpal friend
- if we talked before, don't forget about me

- add me to penpal friends' list if we haven't talked
- ask me about my facebook, Skype, whatsapp, whatever else, you're not gonna get it ;)
- think about relationship with me - I'm not looking for love here
- talk to me if you don't know English. I'm not encrypting machine
- offer me sex or career in porn business

Language Exchange Requests
I'd like to improve my English. Also I need help with Spanish & Portuguese.

With a great pleasure I can help you with Polish.

Hobbies & Interests
I love watching movies, reading books (eg. about arabic women), listening to music & dancing...and learning spanish <3

Favorite Music
I like all kinds of music (except metal) . I like Rihanna, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Shakira, polish music, The Beatles, Queen, Aerosmith, some songs of Britney Spears, Michael Jackson and Madonna, reagge.. I like songs in spanish language too ;) If you know nice latin music - please, send me something :)

Favorite Mo

Hi my name is Mathias I come from Uganda and am happy to be your friend..
Gorgeous looking
Gorgeous looking
hello.I am Ahmet from Turkey.