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russian penpals services
russian penpals services

Hey dear pen pals ! welcome to Russians article 🙂

In this article i want to explain for you that how you can get online russian pen pals from russia or other countries . Fasten your seat belt and stay with me ! 😀

As you know there are many russians living in russia or ukrain or other countries that know russian and can talk in this language. So if you like to have a pen pal friend that speaks russian lanuage , you should focus on these countries to search and get them !

We have a social network on citymity that can help you search for people who likes to start penpalling and get pen pals and pen friends from various countries. Among these countries russian and ukranian pen pals exists. So you can search in our online pen pals search to find russian pen pals or ukrainian pen pals from these countries.

Dont worry , getting new pen pals in our community is free and you get as much as russian pen pals as you want! 🙂

So start searching for your pen pal friends from here:

Search Onlinge Russian Pen pals


Search for pen pals adverises from russia or russian languages

I can suggest you some of our russian older pen pals from our social network that you can contact with them if they are interested:

Hello i’m irina from warsaw I am seeking new penpal friends from different countries to chat with them an learn about new different cultures. if you are interested to be penpals lets start!

Hi, my name is Nastya, i am 17 years old. I’m come from Russia. I do not know much English,but I know Russian and some German , so i like to have penpals from there 🙂

A good way to improve your russian language skills is by language exchange with pen pal friends , so if you can find pen pal friends ask them to teach you russian language and in exchange you teach them yours , This way both of you will improve in your language skills.

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