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I believe that the best way to know me as a human being is through dialogue, so just feel free to say hi, and let's talk about anything that our conversations lead us to be good penpal friends :)

Any new and genuine penpal friendships would be another blessing to add to my life. However, I am already blessed with amazing penpal friends, so I feel fulfilled in life. Sorry for my brutal honesty, but I prefer to stay as I am, than to lose time with penpals that will only talk to me for a few days. Having this said, I am looking for international penpal friendships that will last an eternity. If that kind of international penpal friendship is what you are looking for, then you already know what to do :)

Learning a few words in Portuguese would be great, but not necessary!
Hobbies & Interests
Haha, wow..... Do I have a lot to say!!! Maybe this should be part of our conversations.... :D
Favorite Books
Every book offers a new perspective, but if I had to choose on something, I would choose a book that encourages positive thinking. Just ask me about this book, and I would totally share the intriguing title of this book with you! :P
Favorite Quotes
"Soy hombre: duro poco y es enorme la noche. Pero miro hacia arriba: las estrellas escriben. Sin entender comprendo: también soy escritura y en este mismo instante alguien me deletrea”.
--Octavio Paz

waiting for your warm messages from different countries , tnx international penpals :)

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