Online pen pals from siberia to talk

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Hi! My name is Ramil. I'm from Russia and I live in Siberia, very cold place.
My job conected with IT field. And I'm interesting in it.
Why I'm lerning English ? Because I want be in progress, find new online pen pal friends, and may be chenge my location.
i like to chat online with pen pals so if you are interested send me message !
Good luck from cold siberia

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Hi. Trying to help spread the word to Russians that the invasion of Ukraine is unjust and so so so sad.
at one time in 2009. I travelled to be Jilim, China from Dalian where I taught ESL.
How are you? I was close to Siberia
Hello My Name Is Mrs Cecilia, How are you and your family doing today, i hope all is well with you? First i will have to say. I am very happy for meeting you here and i will be willing to open my heart to know more about you. I want to talk to you wr