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I'm Anna, just an ordinary twenty-nine year old swedish girl living in Sweden who is looking for snail mail pen pal friends . This autumn I'm finishing my final year of studying a graphic design and communication program at university.

At the age of nine my mom brought home a magazine in which I found adds for penpals . I loved the excitement of waiting to find a letter in my mailbox when I got home and I still do. I am a bit obsessed with papers and crafts, so I spend quite some time putting my efforts and thoughts into each letter that goes out to someone as a pen pal in this big world. I've always preferred communication through writing and it's such a wonderful way to getting to know another pen pal person.

Being outside, in the woods makes me come alive. There is so much to look at, discover and be inspired by.

Tea is another obsession of mine, I love fruity teas in big cups. Preferably with a book as company, rain smattering on my window and covered in a over sized sweater.

Some pen pals find me a bit strange because I'm not that fond of sunny days. I'm in my essence when it's a bit colder and big clouds are rolling in and rain is pouring down (good thing I live in Scandinavia).

The summer of 2015 I married my best friend and am now so happy being the wifey. We live in a small house where my books take up half the house and the other half is dedicated to our two pet rabbits Hoppsan and Finley.

I'm looking for snail mail pen pals to contact only by regular mail and handwritten letters, please.

Hobbies & Interests
Photography. Rain. Reading. Forest. Paper. Drawing. Crafts. Autumn. Notebooks. Oversized sweaters. Music. Rabbits. Travel. Writing. Sunbeams through windows. Animals. Wildflowers. Bookbinding. Documentaries. Early mornings. Macramé. Vegetarian cooking. History. Star gazing. Calligraphy. Bookshops. Tea. Art. England. pen pals

Favorite Music
I listen mostly to instrumental and indie music.
Favorite Movies
Begin again. Driving lessons. Remember Sunday. Into the wild. Safe haven. The theory of everything.

Favorite TV Shows
Monarch of the glenn.
Favorite Books
One of my favorite places on earth is in a bookshop; I love the smell of books, the feel of paper, the pretty covers, getting lost in a story and find a special place for the book in my over st

I want Ukraine lady for marriage
Always hope for the best
hello I'm from Ghana and would like to have you as a penpal