Looking for online pen pals to exchange messages

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i think you should write to me. why? because i have a lot to learn from you pen pals . and i can probably teach you a thing or two as well.
i am a cheerful and outgoing girl who looks for new online pen pals . i dont sugarcoat things. if i am ever frank to you, sorry. i might not even realize it.
i love talking to online people and having a good laugh. i tend to laugh more at my own jokes than others do.

i am very openminded and i stick to my opinions. i am as good as talking as i am at listening.

if you never write to me, you will never find out if you like me. are you willing to take the risk and be my pen pal ? you have nothing to lose. so shoot me a message!(:

Don't ask if i wanna be in a relatioship with you, I won't. And i certainly dont wanna send you nudes. Or marry you. If you ask, I will block you.

Hobbies & Interests
i like taking pictures. i mainly take pictures of the nature and buildings.
i enjoy listening to Music.
playing Basketball is another hobby of mine. but it always feels like people are about to run me down or stumble over me because i am so small .,_.

Favorite Music
Nothing beats Bring Me The Horizon! <3
but I listen to a lot of different music really..

Favorite Movies
Odd Thomas
I Am Legend (It was so sad when Sam died! ):
The Hunger Games
Resident Evil
World War Z

I watch movies all the time.

Favorite TV Shows
Hemlock Grove
Prison Break
Favorite Books
13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher. if you havent read it yet, read it. i promise its worth it.

Favorite Quotes
"Eating is a talent, and it's my best talent."

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Hi Hi am called annmusoke from Uganda and like to be your penpal bye ann
your eyes trap me
your eyes trap me
you are good