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About this photo

Hello german penpals
I am Katya, a Russian girl living in Russia.
I am a fifth year student of Moscow Pedagogical State University, Foreign languages department.
I study English and German.

Also I am a teacher at a private school and a tutor of English .

I'm here to improve my German so it will be good to find some german penpals

Language Exchange Requests
I can help you with Russian, if you feel like to be penpals .

Hobbies & Interests
Reading. dancing, singing, languages, painting , pen pals.

Favorite Music
The Beatles
Elvis Presley
Actually - a lot in almost any genre
Favorite Books
classical, fantasy, science fiction

I think I should specially mention "Say no to death" by Dymphna Cusack

Poets of the Silver Age are my favourite.

Favorite Quotes
You have never really lived till you have done something for someone who can never repay you.

Family is anyone who loves you unconditionally.

What is for you will never pass you.
Penpals are the best friends on net !

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Hello! My name is Alexandra. I am 20 years old. I'

alen97 , Russia
21 years old

I am very friendly and good girl. I want the Japan

tatyana_ , Russia
13 years old

저는 아ㄴㅣ아에요
저는 한국말 못해요 잘
막 공부하기 시작했다

anka0709 , Russia
22 years old

Hi! Good to see you, in your profile.
My name is

symoner_ , Russia
15 years old

Hello everybody)
I was born in 1995.
i live in Rus

elli203 , Russia
21 years old

Hey. I want to chat with you. I can teach you the

ddddasha , Russia
16 years old

Hello everyone! I'm sociable, open minded person:)

nikkirus , Russia
19 years old

I'm from Russia. I study at the Kursk State Medica

juliaz5 , Russia
20 years old

Hi there~
I'm Lisa and I live in Russia. I'm 20.

youkoooo , Russia
20 years old

Добрая и позитивная девушка:3
Обучаюсь корейскому

kateaks , Russia
17 years old

My name is Dasha
I am 19 years old
I study in

dari56 , Russia
20 years old

Буду рада людям которые изучают русский язык, помо

mlkjjps , Russia
16 years old