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Hi! My name is Tess , I have 13 yars old . I like

tess201 , France
14 years old

Hello everyone, I'm from Paris.
I studied in Korea

pocchong , France
25 years old

Hi everyone i'm a young woman named Litissia (you

lililou , France
21 years old

저는 카송드 여요. (Cassandre)
it's all I can say in

eikacy , France
16 years old

Hey ~
My name is Alice (and my Korean name is 지연

ji_yeon_ , France
18 years old

Hi, Bonjour
I'm koukel 17 yrs old I live in Franc

koukel , France
19 years old

Hi, my name is Sabine and I'm from France, actuall

pandore , France
34 years old

Hi !
I'm Belkisse and I'm living near to Paris.

belkisse , France
25 years old

my name is Elsa I 'm 13 and I am looking to learn

elsa21 , France
14 years old

Hey! Me it's Méline, i'm 24 years. I would like im

volcane , France
25 years old

Hello ! I'm Oceane a 20 years old french girl. I'm

krysalis , France
20 years old

Hello , my name is Kelian , i have 15 years old an

kelian , France
16 years old