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Bonjour, Hi ! 
I'm Maggie, I'm 17 old and I'm fren

maggie_7 , France
18 years old

Hi ! My name is sirine and i'm 16. I live in Franc

mllekwon , France
17 years old

My name is Lucile.
I search a Japanese's p

rongette , France
31 years old

My name is Sandra, I'm 15, I'm French. :3

sandrav , France
16 years old

Hi! I'm a french girl, I live in France and I want

joepm , France
19 years old

Salut, donc j'ai 19 Àns je parle Francais, j'aimer

cyndl13 , France
19 years old

Hi. I'm Ayoub 
I wanna meet some foreign friends.

gaijin45 , France
20 years old

안녕하세요 저는 새로운 만남 고양이 내가 사랑 하는 당신과 함께 추억을 공유 하는 행복 내

dorcase , France
16 years old

I search somebody who can learn a korean. On my si

flau_6 , France
17 years old

Hi, my name is Sabine and I'm from France, actuall

pandore , France
34 years old

Hi! ( ^∀^) I'm Sayma, I'm 19 and I'm French. Peopl

oxton , France
19 years old

Hi i'm Julia, i love kpop so if you like send me a

jugt5 , France
20 years old