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Large Patrice In France

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New penpals advertises from France

リリーさん は 学生です・ Venon に すんでいます. フランス から きました. えいが が

lilylj , France
16 years old

Hello! My name is Lyna. I'm 17 years old, I live i

jimlyny , France
18 years old

Hi, my name is Coralie, I'm a 21 and I'm French.

coco56 , France
21 years old

Hello everyone ! 
My name is Maureen, I'm 19 and

sheepou , France
21 years old

i'm melissa and i'm 14 years old in korea

m3lissa0 , France
13 years old

Hello, My name is Laura.
I look for people to spea

l0wra , France
26 years old

Je m'appelle Marine! J'ai 22 ans! 
Je sui

miki28 , France
22 years old

Hey! I'm Alexia, 19, from France!
I want to be fr

pahmy_ , France
19 years old

Whats up my friends ! My name is Romain and Im fro

winglet , France
22 years old

Annyeong haseyo! Konnichiwa! Hello! 
I'm French a

eredhel , France
19 years old

你好,我叫Nala ^^
Hi! My name is Na

nahl02 , France
16 years old

Hello my name is ingrid i'm 15 years old i'm frenc

a00704 , France
15 years old