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New penpals advertises from France

Hello ! =D Well my name is Mélina, I live near to

taluna , France
19 years old

Salut,Moi c'est dylan je suis français et très int

pyrack , France
22 years old

Hi, I'm Nicolas.
I love cinema, books and new tec

monark , France
23 years old

Hi, my name is Virginie, I'm 15!
I am currently a

neslane , France
15 years old

안녕하세요 , je m'appelle yael j'ai 18 ans je commence

yael34 , France
19 years old

Hey!✌ je veux me faire des amis coréen(ne) car j'a

saraahme , France
15 years old

je m'appelle Magali et je vis dans le su

fanelly , France
37 years old

Hey,I want To meet new people which I can talk and

mae_pnd , France
17 years old

My name is Mélodie. I live next to Paris.
I am pas

yooriim , France
22 years old

Hello My name is Cecile ! ^ ^
I would like to corr

unniec , France
22 years old

I am Jeff and I would like to discuss with som

jeff2710 , France
39 years old

안녕하세요 !
My name is Marina, i'm 19 and i would lik

marinadr , France
20 years old