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저는 이네스(Inès) 입니다, 프랑스서 왔습니다, 17살 입니다.
My Ko

inesehun , France
17 years old

Hey there! 
My name is Maela but just call me Mae,

makaya35 , France
16 years old

こんにちはアントワーヌです。2年前に東京に住んでた。 わたしの日本語が忘れたくない。ずっと日本語の勉

anty35 , France
26 years old

안녕하세요 ^^ ! My name is Kira , I live in France. I w

eda68 , France
20 years old

Hi, I'm french student and I want to meet and talk

makino12 , France
17 years old

Hi everyone! I'm Gwen, i'm 18 yo and I live in Fra

gwen77 , France
18 years old

Hey, I'm Miléna (^~^)/
I have no idea how to intr

philaoi , France
16 years old

私のなまえは Bozo Makushimu です二十一さいです。

boso57 , France
21 years old

My name is Lucile.
I search a Japanese's p

rongette , France
31 years old

Hello everyone, I'd like to learn Asian languages

marii-ne , France
29 years old

Hi, I'm french girl, I've 18 years old and I want

inkysky , France
18 years old

Hello! I am a 17 year-old student, interested in l

korudo12 , France
18 years old