Hanging in paris

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I would be walking in the middle here . I will definitely never forget Paris :)

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New penpals advertises from France

Hi, I'm Charlie, i'm french and i'm 19 years old.

mianfh , France
20 years old

Hi, my name is Marine ! I'm from France.
I'm here

arthy , France
22 years old

Hi everyone ! 
My name is Pauline, I'm a french gi

pvuline , France
16 years old

Hello i'm Anais, nice to meet you !
I'm a french g

sy2105 , France
18 years old

My name's Anaëlle, I am 16 yo and I live in France

anaplouf , France
16 years old

I'm Evane, I'm 23 years old and I study histor

evane , France
24 years old

Hi i'm a french student but i speak english almost

jgksasha , France
17 years old

Salut, donc j'ai 19 Àns je parle Francais, j'aimer

cyndl13 , France
19 years old

My name is Victoria, i'm 21 years old and i

vickys97 , France
21 years old

My name is Mélodie. I live next to Paris.
I am pas

yooriim , France
22 years old

hi everyone my name's Victoire and i'm 16 years ol

vickivic , France
17 years old

Hi ! my name is Edayne (에덴) , I'm really intereste

daynou , France
18 years old