an online handsome penpal from paris , i need to find new penpal friends

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Hey, so my name is Romain, i'm 20 years old . I used to have an account here a while ago but deleted it. I was bored so i decided to get a new account here ^^. Anyways, i'm here to meet new people and maybe make new penpal friends and have good conversations with my penpals . So don't hesitate to write to me .

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My Name is Blessing Adam, I would like to Chat with u now to know more about u, but because i don't have much time to talk with you here, please reach me at my private id, (adamdaye @ live . com) so that we will know each other better and i promise

New penpals advertises from France

안녕 Everyone !
I'm Emilie.
I'm 23 years old and I

miya_3 , France
23 years old

(I'll be in Thailand for 2 weeks in August, wooo.

khemara , France
30 years old

Hello ^o^ 

Nice to meet you !
I am 18 years old l

suliika , France
20 years old

Hello~ ! My name is Laurine and I'm a french girl

boohh- , France
17 years old

안녕하세요 저는 새로운 만남 고양이 내가 사랑 하는 당신과 함께 추억을 공유 하는 행복 내

dorcase , France
16 years old

un ami ,un chemin
one friend , one road
i'd like t

kevissim , France
38 years old

Hi my name is Aurélie I 'm 16 years old I want to

aurelie6 , France
16 years old

hello, i’m emilie and i’m french
i love drawing,

bayani , France
18 years old

Hi ! My name is sirine and i'm 16. I live in Franc

mllekwon , France
17 years old

Hi! I'm Clara, a french student who lives in Rouen

clara_lc , France
19 years old

만나서 반갑습니다 . 파리에서는 96년생 앨리샤라는 여학생이고요. 3년동안

hwbrv , France
22 years old

Hello there ! My name is Jean. Am an artist ( Rapp

setoyota , France
30 years old