Travel To Mollabashi or Motamedi House of Isfahan

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Travel To Mollabashi House of Isfahan
MullaBashi’s #House | Isfahan’s #historical house
The house of Motamedi or MullaBashi’s house is a historical monument that includes works of Safavid, Zandieh and Qajar, and has been purchased by Dr. Motamedi and has been opened recently to visitors after several years of reconstruction. When MullaBashi came to this mansion, it included two 5-door and a Zemestan-Neshin (Winter-Sitting) section that was from the Zandie era. And in front of the house of Malek Al-Tojjar, a few steps away from it, the house was ignored. But with the coming of MullaBashi, the Shah-Neshin (Kings) section and the 9 section were added. The most important part of this mansion is the Kings section. This #mansion is in fact a fascinating example of Iranian houses, meaning that they really lived in it and lived close to the lives of ordinary #people of their time. Therefore, MullaBashi’s house can enlighten you to a new and new angle from #Isfahan. The house is divided into two parts: the living spaces and service spaces. In living spaces, we faced with warm and intimate, high energy and high lighting, and in the service spaces there are rooms for rest and business, in which the space is more closed, more serious and it’s cold.


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