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Hey you! :)

I started an online diary about my year abroad in the US :)
You should really message me. No matter what. Just type. Now.

Random facts about me:

My name is Linh or Ria or Maria or Lynni. (...)
I like online pen pals who come up with a cool nickname for me.
I'm 18 and I live in Germany.
My mom is Vietnamese and my Dad German and quarter Italian.
So I'm a crazy mixed-race kid.
I attend a "Gymnasium" which is not a sports hall. Just ask :)
I'm in 12th grade.
I love music more than anything.
I've started playing the piano in first grade.
I've been playing the guitar for 2 years.
I love singing.

I'm actually into sports, but I don't find the time.
That's why I want a remote for my life.
I used to play Volleyball and to do atheletics.
I'm a huge Formula 1 fan.
I'm outgoing and really sarcastic. Please don't take everything seriously.
Besides that I'm able to keep a good conversation without any sarcastic jokes.
I summer rain and the smell of it.
I love spring and summer evenings.
I think podgy and fat animals are just sooooo cute!
I wonder if that person I talked to on here 2 years ago, still exists (crazy shit I know) PROVED IN MARCH 2016!

Places I have been:
England - Denmark - Poland - Netherlands - Belgium
France - Monaco - Spain - Dubai -
Czechia - Italy - Austria
Switzerland - Sweden - Turkey - Hungary
Russia - Vietnam - South Korea - Australia USA

I really want to improve my English skills in holding a REAL conversation with online pen pals . SO I needn't talk to myself anymore, haha ;)

I want to make some more cool online international pen pal friends.
Preferably in English speaking countries, but it doesn't really matter! :)

AND I was really surprised but I started thinking a lot about Japan. Maybe it's because we have our sister City over there. i like online pen pals from japan too :D

Another reason is, that I watched like 1000 Anime, haha.
I really want to know more about Japanese lifestyle and culture and pen pals . :)

I love skyping, so don't hesitate messaging me!
WhatsApp is another possiblity ;)
I don't bite dear pen pals , i like when you are online and send me message ;)

Hobbies & Interests
Guitar - Pia

Hello Maria ,hope all is well for you! Can we really become good friends? I am Palen from Uganda - Africa. We can as well chat using e- mails: here's mine: palens953@gmail.com
This is lovely by the way I really can help you with your English...am good at it both spoken and written if you don't mind
hi! i like anime also . how are you?