Favignana Island, Cala Pevero

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New penpals advertises from Italy

I'm here just because I want to find new frien

glen_ , Italy
24 years old

프란체스카예요! 이탈리아 사람이에요. 23살이에요.
한국어 공부중이에요.

frca321 , Italy
24 years old

Hi there~ 
My name is Rossana, I'm 20. I'm here c

ross514 , Italy
20 years old

Hey! I'm Miki, I'm an Italian 16 year-old girl. I

michela , Italy
17 years old

Hi, i would like to learn korean.
나는 나스티아라

nastas , Italy
22 years old

Hello, my name's Stefano and I'm from Italy, Napol

mitzee , Italy
22 years old

(I can speak Japanese at a decent level if you wan

saito93 , Italy
25 years old

Hi~ I'm Elly ^~^
I'm 19 years old italian girl who

hellie , Italy
22 years old

Hi! I'm Gabriele, a 15-year-old boy that wants to

gabry_ , Italy
16 years old

Hi, Alvise from Venice - Italy. 24 y.o.
I love tr

naskerri , Italy
25 years old

Hello! My name it's Manuel nice to meet you! :D

totoro89 , Italy
27 years old

Hello! My name is Ginevra, I’m 15 and I’m from Ita

cutemint , Italy
16 years old