شبکه اجتماعی سیتی میتی
شبکه اجتماعی سیتی میتی In Iran
Beautiful nature of Tabas desert , Khorasan , Iran

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Beautiful nature of Tabas desert , Khorasan , Iran

Tabas is a desert city that experiences scorching hot summers and mild winters. Because of its climate many speculate the city’s name comes from the Persian word “Tab,” meaning “hot” or “feverish.”

Kal-Jenni Valley with its ponds and manmade stone cavities, Morteza Ali Springs (cold and hot) which not only have therapeutic properties but are also known for running in parallel without mixing, the tiered Nayband Village and its covered alleys which are reminiscent of famous Masouleh and Abyaneh Villages, Halvan Cave which is 160 million years old, Rooh Marghoom Playa with its salt lands, Halvan Desert with its colorful animal and plant life, and the uniquely-shaped Robat-e Khan Desert are among the natural attractions of Tabas.

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