Self-made steel Hut
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Yes, you see; this is not a big deal. - Actually I love Wood even more than Steel. - However, wood material needs storage to protect it against the Rains. To building the first facilities with Light Steel is kind of Convenient and Low-Budged. - I got now one more hut double of this size, and gonna have one four times this size plus my own Home with Guest Rooms - By end of this year.
Now you think, I am rich, or got plenty of helpers. - No. I am going to be a successful Entrepreneur later for sure, but right now I am alone, and have not one third the Income of an average Salary Man....And even though, I gonna have a big Facility an average Salary Man can not afford in twenty years....And I will have the Start for a Business and a American Dream. Literary starting with Nothing and becoming successful.
And this I want to share with people; the American Dream. Not to be predestined by Capital possession but by Creativity.