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متل قو / سلمانشهر
شهري براي تمام فصول

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안녕하세요? 제 이름은 마리아이고 나이는 17살입니다. 한국어와 영어를 배우고 있어요.I

s120494 , Russia
17 years old

Hello! My name is Liza. I am 12 but I have been to

iakush , Russia
13 years old

Hello there! I'm Russian, my short name is Lyuda,

lhalo , Russia
28 years old

Hello!Im Olya from Saint-Petersburg,I want to lear

silveryy , Russia
29 years old

Hey! It's Zlata! 
I want to find new friends! Let

vertime , Russia
22 years old

Hi! I`m looking for friends from all over the worl

meliari , Russia
19 years old

Hello, My name is Vika ^^ 
You can tell me Tori :)

dartoria , Russia
18 years old

Привет, меня зовут Елена, недавно я начала изучать

teorisa , Russia
32 years old

Hello, my name is Lena (Helen) and Im 23 years old

alexhiki , Russia
23 years old

I live in Russia
I want to find friends, so write

leral4 , Russia
18 years old

Hi. My name is Catherine. I'm 21 years old. I live

katya_21 , Russia
22 years old

Hi! my name is Ivan? I am from Russia. I'm looking

ivan9021 , Russia
30 years old