There are many penpal websites to help you new penpal friends . Some of them are created and working from more than 20 years ago.
If you like to register a penpal website and find friends here is some tip to keep in mind:

Searching penpals online and finding friends from Internet is never 100% safe! So if you want to start new friendship never share your personal info at first . Let your penpal friend talk more and more and the more time you spend talking you can understand how much you can trust your penpal.

Don't share your mobile number , address , postal code , and your social media address with new penpal friends . Many of penpals after creating a new friendship start asking about these questions . If you completely don't know your friend so you shouldn't trust quickly.

Don't share very personal photos with new penpals , there are many fake penpals on these sites who like to misuse personal photos or create fake accounts .

Don't reply to penpals who ask for money or ask for your email address at new first messages ! most of them are scammers and must be aware of them. You also should report them to website admins to clean the site from such users.

by the way here are some penpaling websites more users like to use:
(be aware maybe website is safe but there are always fake users , scammers , frauds and ... )

PenPal World, founded in 1998, connects millions of global users through its safe, fast matching portal. To maintain security, members make their first interactions directly through the site — then transition their conversations to email or hand-written letters.

PenPal World Address:

InterPals: Meet the World. Make friends, travel and learn:

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